We are
The Filthy Lounge Band


The Filthy Lounge Band are a tight 8-piece unit, with a driving back line, a mind-blowing brass section and a singer who will rock you to your very soul. The music we play is influenced by funk, soul and R&B, but we specialise in the unusual. If it has, groove, a funky riff, that certain something– in fact anything that grooves, it’s likely to be in our repertoire!

Our musical inspirations range from classic Soul and Motown with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, to Disco and Funk in the form of Sister Sledge, Gloria Estefan and Patti Labelle through to outright dance floor fillers from Basement Jaxx, Daniel Beddingfield, Dee Light and Beyonce, We pride ourselves on our choice of music and we’re pretty sure we’ll find a bit of something for everyone. If you want to be gently chilled or boogie the night away then this just has to be the band for you

Sophie 'Phoenix' Knights

lead vocal, trainee midday assistant, clothing thief, fiery bird

Chris 'Band Leader' Daniels

sax, backing vocal, bad shirts, timekeeper, diplomat

Fiona 'Imelda’ Cross

sax, backing vocal, fur Trader, shoes, secretary

Karl 'Animal' Diggins

drum kit, toolkit, blanket, crazy antics

Aidan ‘vertigo‘ Elsey

keyboards, shorts, conkers, oxygen masks, acne, ASBO

Phil 'Snoz' Osborne

Guitar, hairy biker, band offshore funds manager, lots more guitars


bass, media dude, canary lover, Tea Boy


Trombone, fathomless wit, grey suits, style guru, arse

Emily ‘all’ white

sax backing, vocal, multi instrumentalist, own dressing room, tantrums, diva